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Hedging is a kind of language use which ‘protects’ your claims.

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Hedging is a kind of language use which ‘protects’ your claims.

Using language with a suitable quantity of caution can protect your claims from being easily dismissed. It can also help to point the amount of certainty we now have pertaining to the evidence or support.

Compare the next two essayshark texts that are short (A) and (B). You will notice that although the two texts are, in essence, saying the thing that is same (B) has an important amount of extra language around the claim. A amount that is large of language is performing the function of ‘hedging’.

Compare the following two short texts, (A) and (B). What amount of differences do you see into the second text? What is the function/effect/purpose of each and every difference?

You shall probably realize that (B) is much more ‘academic’, but it is important to know why.

(A) Extensive reading helps students to enhance their vocabulary.

(B) Research conducted by Yen (2005) appears to indicate that, for a substantial proportion of students, extensive reading may donate to a noticable difference within their active vocabulary. Yen’s (2005) study involved learners aged 15-16 when you look at the UK, even though it can be applicable with other groups. However, the study involved an sample that is opt-in meaning that the sample students may have been more ‘keen’, or more involved with reading already. It could be beneficial to see if the findings differ in a wider sample.

(Please note that Yen (2005) is a reference that is fictional only for example).

The table below provides some situations of language to use when making knowledge claims.

Look for examples of hedging language in your reading that is own add to the table.

Phrases for Hedging

Language Function with Example Phrases

1) Quantifiers

a fraction
a minority/majority of
a proportion of
to a point

2) Appearance

appears to
has the appearance of
is similar to
shares characteristics with
appears to stay in line with

3) Possibility

has the possibility of
has the potential to
is able to

4) Frequency

tends to
has a tendency to

5) Comparatively

in a less complicated way than .
more simply than …
When compared to …

Into the context of …
…in certain situations…
Within some households…

7) Ev >Based on …
As indicated by …
According to …

8) Description in language

may be described as
could be thought to be
is sometimes labelled
can be equated to
the term is often used to mean
the term is often used to mention to
this may indicate that …
this may claim that …

Language categories compiled and devised by Jane Blackwell

IOE Centre that is writing Online

Self-access resources from the Academic Writing Centre in the UCL Institute of Education.

Still need help? Ask and respond to questions on academic writing on our Moodle forum:
Q & A Forum

Academic Writing Centre, UCL Institute of Education

Essays often sound tough, but they are the way that is easiest to create a lengthy answer.
In this lesson, we shall have a look at simple tips to write one.


Start your answer, and list what you should be writing about

Write about the ideas which will reply to your question


Re-write exactly what your ideas are and say why they have been answered by you

Arguments, Keywords and Definitions

That we will use to describe what you do for essay writing structure before we start going through how an essay works, we need to go through three terms.
Argument = all the points that are main are planning to talk about in your essay.
Keywords = words which are important components of the question
Definition = A one-sentence summary of the essay that is whole which write in your introduction.
We will go through some situations in an instant.

Basic Introduction

To create your introduction, follow these steps. Each of these steps means you start a sentence that is new.

  • Rewrite the question using keywords, range from the name of text(s) and author(s)
  • Write a one sentence answer (definition)
  • List all of the main points of your argument

Exemplory instance of an Introduction

Are pigs able to fly? (Question)
Pigs are not able to fly. (Re-write of question)
they can’t fly because their bodies do not allow them to. (Definition)
they’ve been too heavy to float, they don’t have wings or propellers, and additionally they cannot control aircraft. (Main Points)

The body forms most of one’s essay.
It’s the most part that is important of essay you write.
In your body, you have to argue your entire main points and explain why they answer your question.
Each main point must be in a new paragraph.

Each main point should really be in a different paragraph. Each paragraph must be put down similar to this:

  • Topic Sentence: a short sentence where you repeat one main point from your introduction.
  • Discussion: Explain why your point that is main is and present main reasons why.
  • Evidence: Proof that you get from a text, a quote, or a ‘fact’. It should prove that your particular answer is right.
  • Lead out: complete the main point so you can easily go directly to the next.

Exemplory instance of a physical body Paragraph

Pigs are too heavy to float. (Topic Sentence)
Their large bodies and weight mean that they may not be able to float, which can be one way a creature can fly. To float a pig would have to be lighter than air. (discussion)
A pig weighs 200 kilograms, and as a result of this weight, it is not lighter than air. (Evidence)
that is why, a pig is unable to float and cannot fly. (Lead out)

Conclusion of Essay Writing Structure

A conclusion is a short summary of everything you have printed in your body paragraph.
It will ‘tie’ everything together.

As pigs aren’t able to float, they do have wings and cannot control aircraft, they unable to enter into the air, and fly that is therefore cannot.

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